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The modern MicroBlue microscopes are entry-level models for secondary schools. Equipped with three or four 35 mm parafocal objectives

Monocular and binocular head, 360° rotatable and 45° tube
Wide Field eyepiece(s) WF 10x/18 mm. Monocular version with pointer
Revolving nosepiece for maximum three or four objectives
Achromatic DIN 35 mm parafocal objectives 4x 10x 20x S40x S60x S100x
105 x 105 mm stage with object clamps or 115 x 100 mm stage with mechanical XY stage 30 x 70 mm
Coaxial coarse and fine adjustments with friction adjustment
Adjustable rack-stop for protection of slides and objectives
Abbe condenser or fixed lens condenser N.A. 0,65, both with iris diaphragm
1W LED Illumination with rechargeable batteries and external power supply/charger

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